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  3. Talk: “From Research to Product – Managing The Innovation Funnel”

Talk: “From Research to Product – Managing The Innovation Funnel”

Presenta: Dr. Paul R. Harvey is Fellow and Chief Engineer (Senior Director) for the global Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) business of Philips.

Título de la presentación: “From Research to Product – Managing The Innovation Funnel”.

Descripción: The process of translating from a vision into meaningful, robust and sustainable solutions involves a journey. We will examine the paths, metrics and processes via which a scientific principle/concept travels this journey within the MRI business of Philips Healthcare. The journey involves multiple stakeholders and finite constraints. Some journeys can be very complex and it is important to make informed decisions and constantly evaluate the status along the way. Quantification, prioritization, metrics & objectivity are key. Not all visions will succeed and failure is an option (provided it happens early and inexpensively).

29 de Enero de 2021

14:00 a 15:00



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