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Research areas

  • Hemodynamic quantification using 4D Flow
  • Cardiac function and strain analysis
  • Cardiac parametric maps (T1, T2, T2*)
  • Fingerprinting in cardiac magnetic resonance
  • Acceleration of CMR acquisitions using artificial intelligence
  • Magnetic susceptibility maps (QSM) in psychiatric diseases
  • Reconstruction of diffusion tensors imaging (DTI)
  • Water/Fat separation using artificial intelligence
  • Quantification of tissue fat infiltration in metabolic diseases
  • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy in fatty liver disease
  • Inflammation and coronary disease
  • Progression and regression of the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Autonomic dysregulation and heart failure progression
  • Image reconstruction from undersampled data
  • Artificial intelligence applications for image reconstruction
  • Acquisition and reconstruction new techniques for diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI) robust to movement.
  • Magnetic resonance fingerprinting
  • Susceptibility tensor image reconstruction (STI)
  • Development of polymers phantoms for magnetic resonance